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Flippin' Jig

  Hand ties heavy living rubber. All Mop Jigs come with Double Rattles and a Mustad Flippin Hook.

All in stock items will be highlighted. These items will be shipped within one day during the regular business hours. All other items must be specially made and require 2-4 days.

Mop Jigs Select Skirt Color






Texas Craw

Watermelon Red

Peanut Butter & Jelly

Select Head Size

1/4 Oz

3/8 Oz.

1/2 Oz.

5/8 Oz.
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Buckeye Lures specializes in custom made baits. All baits are hand-made for fisherman by fishermen.
Each bait is trued and tuned for maximum vibration and tracking. Try a custom Buckeye Lure today and see the difference.